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The 2019 Weddings

Jan 1, 2020

33 Weddings.

33 amazing couples. That means over 30 wedding gowns, bouquets, first dances. Which is equivalent to countless memories and immeasurable amounts of love.

Of course, as I am going through all the images from 2019 weddings, my hear is full. So many couples who entrusted their most important day with me. Allowing me to capture their memories and give them images that will last a lifetime.

It was so hard for me to pick a favorite image from each wedding. To be honest, I could’ve easily made this post triple the length with multiple images from each day. And while I love the details of wedding days, I decided to pick one photo each of the couple.

The couples in these images mean so much to me. Their joy is infectious and I adore each and every one of them. They all taught me something, pushed me to be better at my craft, challenged me in new ways and made me a better wedding photographer and person!

While these couples are the greatest gift I got in 2019, I also have to thank my team at Monique Hessler Weddings. Many of these weddings were captured through that business with me as the lead photographer. That job is a dream! Not only does it give me the ability to capture more wedding days but I also get to work with the most wonderful group of women. Monique has gone from a mentor to my boss. Then turned into my friend who has now become a sister! I wouldn’t have this dream job without her and I can’t imagine my own life without her in it.

Also, two of these weddings were when I got to assist the lovely Karlee K Photography. One of my dear friends who I wish I had the availability to shoot alongside more often! And one wedding photo is missing but that is because I shot a New Years Eve wedding last night. I will add it to this post soon!

So, without further ado.. here are my 2019 Weddings :
And while I haven’t blogged all of these weddings yet (I blog my Riane Roberts Photography clients quickly but disperse my MHW weddings throughout the year) here are some links to view more in depth stories and images from some of these wedding days.

Here’s to 2020 and all the love I get to capture!






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