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Rainbow Saguaro Wedding | Brittnee & Robb

Oct 25, 2019

If you told me to dream up the perfect wedding day, it would include this…

A gorgeous couple who is fun, affectionate and madly in love. I would hope that they were surrounded by friends and family who were excited for them and ready to celebrate the day! Then, I would top it off with the most gorgeous and colorful details throughout the day.

So, ultimately.. if I had to dream up the perfect wedding day, it would be this.

Brittnee and Robb are so fun, affection, madly in love and absolutely gorgeous! Plus, they are the most stylish couple. Just look at them!

This Rainbow Saguaro wedding is one I will never forget.

And one of the sweetest parts? Their story. Brittnee and Robb met years ago and when their paths first crossed (at a bowling alley), Robb told his parents that she was the girl he was going to marry. It took years before they finally connected and began their relationship, but Robb always had Brittnee on his mind.

All these years later, they are starting their new chapter as husband and wife.

So, you may notice that this blog post has a lot of images. That’s because when you take a gorgeous couple on their Rainbow Saguaro wedding day who have hearts of gold and smiles that light up the room, how could I ever pick favorites?! Without any further delay.. enjoy!

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