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The 2019 Engagements

Jan 10, 2020

Now, I know we have kicked off 2020.. but 2019 really was a great year! And I just can’t live with myself if I don’t show you the 2019 engagements that I photographed!

Throughout this year of 2020, I will continue sharing engagements and weddings here on the blog.

So as I prepared an engagement session to share today, I realized I needed to do a highlight reel! It only felt right since I did it for the 33 weddings I photographed last year.

That means, todays post is one image from each of the 20 engagement and sweetheart shoots I did last year. (18 were engagements.. two were sweetheart sessions!). And if you want to see more from these shoots, the full blog posts for some are linked below.

Oh, I cannot wait to see what this year has in store! Let’s do this! Here are the 2019 engagements..

See more in depth posts from some of these shoots here :

And check out the best of 2018 to see all the weddings and engagements!!





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