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Scottsdale Saguaro Destination Colorful Wedding | Elizabeth & Aaron

Apr 19, 2019

You may recognize these two newlyweds! Aaron and Elizabeth came to Arizona for me to photograph their desert engagement session a few months back and get to work on wedding planning.

With family coming from Oregon, California and everywhere else, they knew they wanted to make their destination wedding the ultimate Arizona wedding.

The Saguaro in Scottsdale was perfect for their funky, colorful taste! They wanted to fully utilize the bold colors and add in elements of cactus, color and unique fun! But they also wanted to keep things classic.. so they opted for black bridesmaids dresses but bold bouquets. So many great little touches!

This Scottsdale destination wedding is one of my favorite for many reasons.

First, you’ll see how beautiful the day was! Every detail they wanted, they nailed! It all turned out so perfect and gorgeous.

So, what’s the story behind the day? Well it almost happened in a hospital.

That’s right! The night before the wedding, after the rehearsal, everyone went out to celebrate. Friends and family had flown to Arizona for the Scottsdale destination wedding and they were ready to party. But Aaron, the groom, got into an accident on his way back to the hotel.

Thankfully, everyone is okay! But the morning of the wedding, something still wasn’t right. His best man took him to the emergency room and Aaron got good news and bad news from the doctor.

“Good news is you aren’t going to die. Bad news if you aren’t going to get married.”


Nobody wants to hear this. After months and months of planning, preparation and now the excitement of the big day.. and he was told he wasn’t going be able to leave the hospital? Well, it turns out that aside from the bumps and bruises Aaron had, he also had a kidney laceration.

Now, you would probably imagine that any bride would so upset.

But Elizabeth isn’t any bride. Yes, she wasn’t happy about the situation. But her concern wasn’t about the actual wedding at all. The planning, the time, the money, the guests, it would all work out.. she was worried about Aaron. And all she wanted was to marry her fiance.

So she immediately started getting to work on plan B. They talked to hospital administration to see who could come to the hospital. We could do photos there, live stream the ceremony back to their guests at The Saguaro and figure it out.

This woman is not only stunning but has so much compassion, grace and love. And it was completely apparent in those moments.

Now, back to Aaron. Maybe it is stubbornness or maybe it is just his determination. But he chose to not get pain medication and to go on his way. Yup, you read that right.

The groom (with a kidney laceration!) left the hospital and was there to meet his bride. He smiled through the pain, got married and made it official. Their friends and family were there to witness their Scottsdale destination wedding and it wasn’t through the screens of FaceTime.

Now, he was still in need of medical attention. So when the reception began, he went back to the hospital.

Elizabeths bridesmaids escorted the new Mrs Erbes into the reception while Aaron rested and then she joined him when it was time to go back to the hospital.

It was definitely a wedding to remember. That’s for sure.

But I think more than the dramatic events, more than the medical concerns and more than anything else at all.. the most memorable thing was the love these two have.

They may have spent their first evening as newlyweds in a hospital room. But what is important is that they spent it together.

Weddings are wonderful.

They truly are! They are beautiful! A representation of a couple and their love story, a celebration with all their loved ones and a party like no other. Weddings are absolutely amazing. But the purpose of a wedding is a marriage. It isn’t about the details and decor. OrĀ  the location or the pictures. What it is about is marrying the one you love.

And these two are the perfect embodiment of that. And I am thankful to let you know Aaron is doing well and we are all sending him love and thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Amazing Vendor Team :

Check out this shoot from last time I was at The Saguaro! And if you love the details from this wedding and want to see my wedding details checklist, download it here!

The most colorful, joyful day!




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