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2020 Portrait Highlights

Dec 5, 2020

Oh, 2020. I am just repeating what everyone else has already said when I said that this year has been a doozy. Throughout what has simultaneously felt like the longest year ever and a year that has flown by, I have spent a lot of my time looking for silver linings. Things that bring me joy, remind me of my purpose and leave me feeling hopeful for the future.

One big hit I (and also, my business) took this year was the cancellation and postponement of so many weddings.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not here to complain about it. Mainly, my heart just broke for my clients who had to make those stressful decisions. But to keep things honest and transparent, I still have to share from my experience. In 2020 I will shot just over 1/3rd of the amount of weddings I shot in 2020. So yeah, I took a hit. Financially, emotionally and mentally.

But with one job taking a hit, it gave me new opportunities! Two main ones. One, getting a part time job! It is a job that I have manifested for years but wasn’t sure the details of it. I am working for the airlines!

Before I started my business, back in 2014, I was offered a job as a flight attendant after an in depth and drawn out interview process. Ultimately, I turned the job down. My father is a retired airline pilot and I just knew that while I am passionate about travel and the customer service industry, I want to be in my own bed every night.

So now, six years later, I had the opportunity to work for an airline here in Phoenix and keep my feet on the ground. I only won’t e sleeping in my bed when I am utilizing those travel benefits! Well, once the world opens back up and travel is safe!

The other big opportunity I was presented with after so many wedding postponements and cancellations was the time I had for portrait sessions.

I usually offer mini sessions once or twice a year. And the last few years they have sold out! This year was no different, they all booked up, but I was able to serve way more clients. Many of who I hadn’t seen for years!! It was so amazing to catch up with them, see their growing families and have some socially distance human interaction.

Portrait sessions are something I do offer year around but take on a limited amount because my weekends are normally packed with weddings and events. So having the chance to not only do my mini sessions but also a few other family portraits, maternity sessions, even some newborn shoots and more was so much fun!

Here is a quick roundup of the highlights from my 2020 portrait sessions (with a few more still scheduled for later this month!):

Had to end with the perfect “2020” portrait!

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