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2020 Engagement Highlights

Dec 11, 2020

Did you see last weeks post with the round up of my 2020 portrait highlights? It was such a good way to reflect back on some of the silver linings that 2020 has brought. Now, let’s look at the engagement session highlights.

With this year being what it was (have we come up with an official 2020 slogan? Dumpster fire feels right.) there were a lot of engagement sessions that didn’t get to happen. However, the ones that did were amazing!

From gorgeous desert landscapes to the beach in Hawaii (see that one here), there were so many memorable engagement sessions this year.

And next week?! You get to see the weddings I shot this year. Don’t forget to check out the highlights from 2019 too. You can see the engagements and the weddings from last year. Remember, quality over quantity. That’s another lesson learned this year!

Goodness, I love love.





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