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The Struggles With Posing… & How I Can Help!

Jan 13, 2020

Whenever I talk to other photographers, I like to know where their struggles are to see how I can help. I love giving out content here on my blog or on my newsletter that can be beneficial and informational to others growing their photography business. And there is often one thing in common..

Their struggles with posing.

Posing can be tough! I have written before about the art of candid photography but what about all the other poses? Are there different techniques to posing individuals versus couples? What about larger groups? Are family photos the same for portrait session as they are for formal wedding family images?

There is a lot of struggles within posing and so much information.

So, I am here to help.

Years ago, when I first started my business, one of my biggest struggles was also with posing. However, after years of coming up with my exact technique and system, it feels almost effortless. It is no longer something I struggle with or even worry about! That is because I have a standard set of things I do and then various ways I add in extra elements and variety!

You’re probably wondering why I am telling you all of this… Well..

It started back when I was teaching my photography course as an in person class. At the end of each class I spoke with all the attendees to see what type of training I could create to help them more. 100% of attendees wanted a course on posing.

So, I made it!

And entire online course with my whole system for posing.

This course goes over :

  • My posing philosophy
  • Tips for posing individuals for headshots, seniors, maternity, bridal portraits, groom portraits and more.
  • The system I use to pose families in general. Plus when they have large groups, kids, pets and even wedding formal family images. Oh, and how to bargain and bribe with teenagers.
  • What I do to ensure consistent photos with large groups like bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding parties.
  • The five main poses I use for couples and all the ways I add variety and variation to keep it unique!
  • How I capture authentic moments.
  • All the ways that small changes make BIG difference

Oh, and the best part! The end of the course is a full behind the scenes look at how I work! You get to watch me photograph four mini sessions and see the gallery of images they resulted in. See the amount of images and variation in poses I capture in 10 minutes or less.

So, if one of your photography struggles is with posing then this is for you.

Learn more here!





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