A fully immersive, online

Designed to take the technical side of photography and make it easy! Walking you through every step to becoming an expert of your camera and rock your photos.


Imagine this...

What does that have to do with this course?... let me explain

You go to a wildly fancy restaurant and have an amazing five course meal, the best food of your life and then tell the restaurant "My compliments to the chef, they must have a great stove." What?! No way. It wasn't the stove that made a masterpiece, it was the chef. So why do people see a photographers work and think "WOW! They have a great camera." A chef is more than their stove and
a photographer is more than their camera. 

When I first bought a "big girl camera" and was ready to learn how to shoot in manual mode, I was terrified. Searching online scared me, there were so many resources and different opinions. I didn't know who to trust, where to turn or even where I should begin. That is why, all these years later, I created this photography course. Taking the idea of learning, refining and mastering photography and making it attainable, welcoming and fun.

i was overwhelmed. intimidated. scared.

I decided to put my years of knowledge and learning into a place where I can help others master their cameras and learn photography without the intimidation of learning a new skill. I want to support your art and style and to make learning fun! I went from never taking my camera off of auto mode to shooting over 40 weddings a year... fully manual and PROUD of my images.

But that didn't come overnight or because I wished on my lucky stars. It came because I started with the basics and learned everything there is to learn about how to operate my camera and create the images that I was dreaming of.. and knew that I was capable of creating! *hint : you are too*

Just as a chef is more than their stove... you, as a photographer, are more than your gear. Creating beautiful images doesn't come from fancy gear, it comes from knowledge, training, practice and passion. 

Give Gordon Ramsey an easy bake oven, he will figure it out. Give me all the organic, fresh ingredients and a chefs kitchen... your dinner is going to be burnt. I can't operate a stove but I sure can operate a camera. Now, I am teaching you how to too.

In the way that gordon ramsey is an expert of his kitchen, i am an expert of my camera.
Just without the yelling.

If you have ever felt that way...

Like you just don't have the right gear or editing skills. *Another hint : an expensive 'fancy' camera and new preset isn't the answer* Like you want to make beautiful, artistic images but are frustrated with your results. Like learning the technical side of photography is scary and overwhelming...

Then this course just may change your whole perspective. 

This course teaches you:

The basics : terminology, settings and building a strong foundation. 

ready to create the images you dream of?

how to : Operating your camera and mastering manual mode. making your camera work for you, not the other way around.

step it up : using light, white balance, composition and more to take your photos from good to great.

extra sparkle : Walking you through gear, equipment and the editing process.

helpful. Refreshing.
INSANELY knowledgeable.

- francesca

This course was so helpful and refreshing. With all of the knowledge out there, it’s almost impossible to know where to start and what to trust when trying to grow your photography skills. Riane is so knowledgeable (like, insanely knowledgeable) and helped me learn all the important fundamentals in an efficient, to-the-point, and memorable way. Definitely recommend this amazing course!!

When I tell you that I was scared to learn manual mode and how to operate my camera, I'm not lying. Thoughts raced from "What is aperture?! F-Stop huh?!" to "My editing sucks! I will never be good enough". 

But that isn't true. 

I learned it all. The right settings for any situation, controlling my surroundings and camera and the post production of it all. Not only do I now feel good enough..
I feel great. I am most confident with my camera in hand. I went from being overwhelmed and insecure to shooting over 40 weddings a year... fully in control of all my settings and creating images I love and am proud of.

Now, I want to help you do the same. 

I am Riane

The girl behind the camera... and computer

start by learning  the course goals, a little about me and downloading your pdf workbook.

then learn all the definitions and photography terms you'll need to know. Not what these things do, but what they are

then we get into the nitty gritty. Learning all about aperture, shutter speed and iso.

after you ace each one, we put em together to learn about exposing your images how you want!

Now, you're shooting on manual. so let's start refining your skill with the most important part of photography... lighting!!

SIGN. ME. UP!!! Only $75

I am serious when I say, this includes it all.

what is included???

the course outline

start to step it up with learning how to utilize white balance, composition and focusing. 

then I walk you through all my gear! but also stress that, again, a photographer is more than their camera and a chef is more than their stove.

learn my editing process, a walkthrough of adobe lightroom and get my presets!

take everything from the terms and definitions all the way through editing your images and be an expert of your camera.

start shooting & rock it.


watch the video lessons in each section and lesson, while referring to your workbook! rewatch videos as often as you'd like, the course is completely self paced!

download your course .pdf and continuously go back to take notes, reference your workbook and write whatever you need!

this course is a series of videos.. but there is more than just that.

How it Works


You get...
- The custom workbook
- NINE intensive, categorized sections
- Multiple lessons in each section. (25 total!)
- My two custom presets
- To see me working behind the scenes

But let's not forget...
Bonus #1: This course is discounted to the lowest price it will ever be. Ever
Bonus #2: There is a money back guarantee. You get 30 whole days to make sure this is the right investment for you. 

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee?!

great photos don't come from hours of intense editing. You can create them right in your camera!

spend less time behind your computer and more time behind your camera.

informative. inspiring.

- jamie

The idea of taking my camera off of auto scared me but this course made it a breeze. It is so informative and gives you practical skills that you can build on throughout each section and lesson. Not only is it full of information but it is so inspiring. Riane teaches you how to do things your way and perfect your style. This course was mind-blowing and I only wish I would've taken it sooner!

don't just take my word for it. 
They were in your shoes...

What People Are Saying

Riane is such a vessel of knowledge and so willing to share what she knows with the world. I took her course when I had first purchased camera and I had no clue what the buttons and knobs did. Riane’s course went through all of the camera specifics, like aperture, shutter speed, warmth, and NOT SHOOTING IN AUTO! What?!? I was scared but it helped me to understand my camera, and create my business. Riane’s course is a 10/10 and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more. She is so kind, and loving and you can see her passion just by the way she talks and is so willing to share what she knows. If you have never taken her course and are thinking about doing it, DO IT! NOW! You won’t regret it.



Riane Roberts’ Photography course helped me gain courage and confidence in my photography skill set. I wanted to learn the skill and art from someone who taught fundamentals instead of shortcuts. Riane confidently guided me through familiarizing myself with my camera. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start learning about your camera as an extension of you, how to hone those skills into a business, and also, anyone looking to meet a super cool new friend. Thank you again for the time and lessons, Riane! They were door-opening!!



When Riane designed this photography course I knew right away that I wanted to take it! As a beginner it was important for me to learn the correct way to use my camera to become a better photographer.  
This course is beautifully organized and Riane shares all of the information clearly and bonus, she's not boring!  
I love that I am able to go at my own pace and work as long as I want on certain sections. I would recommend this course to everyone wherever you are in your photography journey. 



After taking this course I felt so much more confident in shooting in manual mode! Now I’m able to use all the tools she provided (Which is so much! I learned a ton!) with confidence and take beautiful images that I’m proud of and that my clients love and want to keep coming back for. Thank you Riane for such an amazing course that’s easy to follow and provides new and experienced photographers the tools they need to step it up to the next level! Highly recommend!



you want to be a photographer. a rockstar of a photographer. photos set your soul on fire but you are frustrated with yours. learn how to change that.

Are you ready?


30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

this course is valued at $375.00 but i know how hard it can be to invest in yourself and your business. so I am offering it to you for only $75.00. That's it! This price won't last forever though...

what does it cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

i got you! I am available for you to ask questions or gain clarification. plus, you can comment in any lesson and i will reply to you right in the course!

what if I have more questions or need more help after I complete the course?

that's the beauty of it being online, you get to decide. binge it like your fav netflix show or go slow and steady. the course is nine sections with 25 lessons. 

how long does the course take to complete?

it used to be but scheduling and locations made that tough! In order to serve a larger audience and allow you the resource to always go back and review, it is exclusively online.

will this ever be an in person class?

share the love and send this website to them. if you know you have friends that would benefit from this, the more the merrier!

how can i share this with my friends?!

there is a 30 day money back guarantee. so, take the leap and join! If it isn't right for you, no offense taken! To be eligible for the refund you must have completed 2 sections. Once you have completed 4 , it will become ineligible.

do you offer refunds?


let's talk money

valued at


100% Money Back Guarantee

that's right. 
Not happy? No worries. I will give you your money back (and pick your brain to see if there is another way I can help you learn and grow!) Just check the FAQ section to learn about refund eligibility!

invest in yourself. start your jouney to being the boss of your camera! become the photographer you dream of being.

let's do it!


yours for



 & honestly worth every penny.

gimme that download!

Lighting is the most important factor in photography. To be an expert of your camera is one thing but mastering light will change your business, photos and life! You learn all about lighting conditions and how to manipulate it for your needs in this course. But you can download my free lighting e-book here to get started on understanding different lighting situations.

while you're at it.. did you download this free lighting guide e-book?