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Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

May 13, 2019

When it comes to planning your wedding day, there are so many details to think of!

But before you start picking out the florals, sending out invitations or planning all your details… you have to pick your wedding color palette!

When you look through Pinterest, wedding blogs and photos, it can get overwhelming. So instead, I wanted to help! I want you to see three main categorizes I often see in wedding color palettes. The first is bright and bold!

Next up, neutrals. Now, when I say neutrals, I mean this.. black, white, ivory, cream and green. Yers, I consider green a neutral!

Now, green can be used in bright and bold color palettes as well as soft romantic ones. But I actually think it also goes in the neutral category! Because, if your wedding has florals or is outdoors at all (check and check) then there will be green. Greenery with the flowers, green in the landscape whether it is forest, desert or somewhere else! So, these next few inspiration photos are for the couple that wants a more neutral color palette for their wedding day. Which can work year around! And at any style venue!

And lastly, but definitely not least, a soft and romantic color palette. For this, I often see ivory, cream, blush, baby blue and more light pastel colors. This also can work year around depending on the soft colors you choose to use. It is one of the most common choices I see for bridesmaids, flowers and over all decor at weddings. That is because it is classic, timeless and totally fits the occasion of a wedding day.

See the blog posts from each photos : Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7 & Photo 9!

So, start there! Before you think of specific wedding color palette inspiration, think about which of the three categorizes you want your wedding day style to fall under.

Bright and bold? Classic neutrals? Soft and Romantic?

From there, you can start narrowing down color palettes by looking at the season, the venue and the overall style. Plus, your preference! If you hate pink, don’t do blush colors at your wedding just because it is on trend. But also, if you loveeee pink, then rock it! That works for every color.

Your wedding day is a reflection of you as a couple, your story, the things you love and a celebration of your life together! Make it fun but make sure it is something you love!






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