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Flagstaff Forest Wedding

Apr 4, 2019

Now, I brag about my couples all the time. The ones I work with through my business and through MHW. They are truly amazing!

Courtney and Nate are no exception to this! And I knew it the minute I met them at their engagement session. They brought their bikes, their dog and had a glass of wine together. There was nothing better than that! I immediately got to see how they interact, how much they love other and how beautiful they are.

So when we drove up north for the Flagstaff forest wedding, I was so excited.

The day ended up being everything I had hoped for and more! And I am sure I can say the same for them. With bridal party that was ready to tear up the dance floor, the beautiful sunshine and mountains and a couple this beautiful and in love.. nothing could beat that!

This destination wedding was one of my favorites for sure (I am a sucker for aspen trees) and I am so thrilled to share this flagstaff forest wedding day with you. Want to see another woodsy wedding day? Check out this one!




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