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My Online Photography Course

Feb 24, 2020

For as much as I talk about my online photography course (both on Instagram and in real life) I was shocked to realize I never blogged about it!

What?! Who am I?!

So, today that is exactly what I am doing.

Tell you all about my online photography course, why I created it and what the content is. Sharing with you what others are saying about it! And, giving you a little something something at the end of it all.

Let’s start with what? What is it? Well, my online photography course is everything you need to know to take your DSLR camera off of auto and learn to shoot in manual mode. It is a resource for learning a new skill, digital photography! And it is a step by step guide to go from beginner to killin’ it!

And, why? Why did I make this course? Well, mainly because I wish I had it when I was starting off. When I first began learning the technical side of photography and reading articles, taking classes, watching videos and more, it was terrifying. There are so many resources and opinions.

What I wanted was a one stop shop to walk me through it all! I didn’t want to read a blog post that felt way over my head! I didn’t want someone teaching me that there is only one right way to take photos. So, that is why I created this.

Originally, it was a class I taught in person. I taught it multiple times to sold out classrooms and grew more and more with each lesson. But scheduling was difficult and it is so much information for one day! I felt like I was melting my students brains! How were they going to retain all of this?!

That is when I decided to make it an online photography course. So people could work at their own pace, go back and review and always be able to reference the course. And I kept the classroom feel! Not only in the way it is filmed but there is also a private facebook group for the course students to ask questions, share information and support each other!

Now, let’ talk content.

  • The course is nine sections, each with multiple lessons.
  • Section 1 : Introduction
    • Meet me, review the course goals, set your own goals and download a digital workbook!
  • Section 2 : Terminology
    • This section dives into understanding what terms we will use throughout the course and their definitions. Starting off basic and learning what these things means before we learn what they do!
  • Section 3 : What Is What?
    • This section has lessons all about learning aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Seeing how they change the look and feel of your images!
  • Section 4 : The Exposure Triangle & Setting Your Shot
    • Now, you put aperture, ISO and shutter speed together to create the exposure triangle and start shooting in manual mode. This is where you learn how to set up your shots and put the technical side of photography into action.
  • Section 5 : Lighting!
    • My favorite section! That is because lighting is the number one most important part of taking good photos. We go over open shadow lighting, direct harsh light, using artificial and natural reflectors, working with flash, backlighting and more!
  • Section 6 : Taking It To The Next Step
    • Now that you are working in manual mode, we are kicking it up a notch. Adding in lessons on white balance, composition and how to take your photos from good to great.
  • Section 7 : Gear & Equipment
    • In this section I go over my entire philosophy on why gear doesn’t matter. I also unpack my camera bag and walk you through each thing that I own!
  • Section 8 : Editing
    • I shoot to edit and in this section I explain what that is and walk you through using the basic editing tools in Adobe Lightroom and show you live footage of me editing. From RAW images to the final product!
  • Section 9 : Closing
    • A final review and closing remarks about all that you’ve learned and what to do now..

Whoa. It’s a lot!

Like, a lot.

But this online photography course has been a lot of hard work and I poured my heart into it. I truly believe it is so beneficial and I am thrilled with the outcome of it!

So, join me and become a master of your camera. Make it work for you and not the other way around.

Your photography fairy god mother,






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