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Moody Soho Wedding | Katye & Cody

Nov 4, 2022

With deep red florals, lush greenery, a black lace dress and romantic candlelight, this was a moody wedding dream.

Everyone, and I truly mean everyone, that I spoke with on this wedding day commented on how this wedding was so perfect for Katye and Cody. That if you knew them well, you knew that this was their style. Unique, true to themselves, fun and different while also being timeless and romantic.

And guess what? It is so true.

Katye and Cody shared emotional private vows during their first look. Snuck in hundreds of little kisses and cuddles throughout the day. Then they also had moments of hysterical laughter, dropping it like it’s hot and endless amounts of fun.

This moody wedding was memorable for so many reasons! But I definitely think the black lace dress is at the top of my list for favorite moments. That and the Rolls Royce get away car!

Take a look at some of the highlights from this beautiful, modern, moody wedding at Soho 63 and check out all of the vendors below!


Vendors :

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