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Colorful Fall Wedding | Jillian & Chris

Nov 12, 2022

Is it the gorgeous Arizona sun? The warm, earth toned color palette? Or just the newlywed glow of Jillian and Chris? If I had to guess, it is the latter.

This colorful fall wedding was one of the most amazing days!

From sweet, intimate moments with the bride and groom. To fun, wild times on the dance floor with all of their friends! There was such a mix of emotions throughout the day that made it so personal and unique.

There were moments that felt like Chris and Jillian had the whole golf course to themselves. As they walked along the grass and looked at the lake, it was a wide open space for just them. Then they were engulfed in a sea of florals and among all of their loved ones as they celebrated their union!

So, enjoy the highlights from this colorful fall wedding day…

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