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McCormick Ranch Colorful Wedding

Aug 23, 2019

The. Dreamiest. Day. EVER!

Megan and Billy are a dreamy couple anyway. Their engagement photo shoot was a blast. Their style is killlllller. Also, their love is infectious. They have such a beautiful chemistry and love for each other! Their vows had be crying behind my camera on a few different occasions.

Now, you may remember their engagements that I shot with my team at MHW, but their McCormick Ranch colorful wedding is going to be even more memorable.

Just LOOK at it! Every detail was amazing. The colors, the flowers and all of it. Plus, just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love Megan and Billy more.. I met their loved ones. Their friends and family were all so nice, helpful, accommodating and sweet! I cannot wait for them to adopt me 😉




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