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Bridal Party Mix & Match Inspiration

Aug 12, 2019

Okay, you picked out who is in your bridal party. You’ve asked your closest friends and family to stand by your side on your big day.. now, what?!

Well there is planning the bachelorette party, the bridal shower and all kinds of things. But also, you have to get planning with what these lovely ladies are going to wear on your big day! So I wanted to help you out a bit. Not too long ago I shared a post all about wedding color palettes, and that got a lot of great feedback.

That’s because it is a hard task to pick out your colors. But I categorized all the options into three choices. You pick one of those, then go from there. It made it simpler! Wedding planning is already a lot of work, don’t make it harder. So now I am doing the same for bridesmaids attire.

Some bridal party mix and match inspiration! To help you decide if they should mix, match or a combo of them…

  • First, let’s look at bridesmaid who wore matching dresses! You can see that in these photos they are either all matching completely, matching colors with different silhouettes/necklines/etc, or they are matching with just their maid of honor in a similar but different dress!.

  • Next up, we have some mix and matched looks! There are examples of bridesmaids in a variation of two dress colors/patterns, one with all different dresses and colors in complimentary colors and a variety of cuts and styles!

  • Now, you didn’t think I was going to skip the groomsmen too, did you?! Here are examples of the groom wearing a different colored suit and tie then his guys, all the guys in a variety of suits and uniforms and then some examples of all the groomsmen attire matching. Also, there are some examples in there of grooms women and brides men in there too! And soon I am going to share a post all about inspiration for grooms women, brides men and whoever is in your wedding party!

With all the options, you are bound to have a good looking wedding party.






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