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Peach Grove Micro Wedding | Alyssa & Joshua

Feb 8, 2021

We all know the magic of Disney, right? The fairytales where the prince and princess live happily ever after? Well, what about the real life Disney fairytales? The ones like Alyssa and Josh have.

You see, their grove micro wedding was a long time coming.

Alyssa and Josh met at the most magical place on earth. Disneyworld. They each participated in the Walt Disney College Program and continued their careers working for Mickey Mouse for a while.  So while they may not be the story of a princess losing her slipper or a true loves kiss breaking a curse, they are a beautiful fairytale all on their own. They are the young adults who went out seeking adventure, growth and a new chapter. Without realizing that this little internship would lead them to each other.

While their original wedding plans of going to Hawaii for a large celebration couldn’t happen, they adapted and turned their wedding day into something stunning. A micro wedding, surrounded by only their closest family and friends, in a grove here in Arizona.

With a private moment for their vows, a first dance among the trees with the sparkling lights above them and an intimate ceremony, this wedding was nothing short of perfect.

Congratulation Alyssa and Josh!

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