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Being a wedding photographer is a dream come true! I started off as a girl with a passion and a camera and have turned that into something bigger than I ever dreamt of. I am a wedding and engagement photographer who is based in Phoenix, Arizona but travels anywhere and everywhere. What I love most about photographing weddings is how each love story I capture is unique and beautiful in its own way. Check out more wedding information to see example photos, learn about pricing and information and see if I am the right fit for your big day!


Palm Springs

Vintage Camera Collection

I am sharing regularly personal posts and a glimpse into my life! But if you want to learn some things you may not know about me, check this out! Hear more about what this hectic, travel filled, lovely life of mine is like!

From one desert to another! After a trip to Palm Springs and enjoying some time in the sun, I am sharing all the highlights with you all! Where we eat, where we stayed and all the memories made!

Recently, I was gifted a set of old camera from my boyfriends grandpa! He had cameras back from his high school and now I am getting them all fixed up. Check out this new collection I have going!


My blog originally started as a place to showcase my photography work! And while I do still share the beautiful weddings and engagement sessions I photograph, it has developed into so much more.
 My blog is a place for information (for photographers, business owners and more!), a place for inspiration (from brides-to-be to those with wanderlust that want to see my travels). More than anything my blog is a place for me to share my life, keep it real and stay positive. I want to be a source of joy in your life and hope you find enjoyment in my blog!

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As a small business owner, photographer or creative entrepreneur, you may need some help! I regularly teach other photographers and people looking to learn about photography and operating a camera. However, it is more than just photographers that are looking for guidance! I have established my business and now have the tools and knowledge to help you grow yours! From content creation to branding, let's discuss how we can get you where you want to be! Setting goals, achieving them and then exceeding them!