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Your Photography Gear Doesn’t Matter!

Aug 8, 2018

If you don’t know how to use it.

Say what?

Yeah, it’s true.

Your photography gear doesn’t matter. When I get asked by someone what camera I use, I answer. But what I wanted to say (sometimes) is “give me the cheapest, crappiest one you got.. I can make MAGIC!”. Those at least are the things I think on days I am feeling super confident.

But I know from experience. I used to rent lenses a lot before I purchased them. And I am glad I did that because they are investments and I wanted to make sure they are the right fit for what I need.

But when I first started renting expensive “fancy” lenses, I would get them and the product I was creating was still crap.

But what?! WHY?!

I paid and rented the $ 2,000 lens! Shouldn’t it take a pretty picture?

Nope. Not how it works.

My $50 lens took great pictures though, when I learned how to use it.

An L series lens that goes down to 1.2, 2.8 or low aperture doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to adjust aperture or how that changes the look of your images. Yeah, a cheaper or more entry level camera cannot provide crisp images with high ISO but if you learn all about lighting and how to maneuver it to your advantage, you can find a sweet spot in your ISO that makes your images clear and not grainy.

Aperture.. ISO.. words that intimidate you? Worry you? Well, I am here to help.

You should never be at the mercy of your camera, your lens or any of your gear. It works for you. You are the boss and you are in control. If you feel the need to shoot on auto, aperture priority or a setting that doesn’t sound as scary as going fully manual.. I am here to help.

I keep saying that, but how?

First, I am making my Fundamentals of Photography workshop into an online course. Learn more about the course!

Also, I am going to break it all down. I am going to share blog posts over the next few weeks/months that break down everything you need to know about starting to shoot in manual. Aperture, ISO, shutter speed, exposure triangle, white balance, composition and more.

So if you are shooting on a rebel camera body with a $50 lens. Good for you! That is what I started one! And I produced some beautiful images from it!! Now I shoot on a professional camera and my lenses have been upgraded. But that wouldn’t matter if I didn’t know how to produce great images on my own.

Nobody has a delicious fancy dinner and says “My compliments to the chef.. they must have a great stove”. The stove didn’t make the meal. The chef used the stove to make it. Seeing my images and thinking “You must have a great camera” (while it is true, and I know well intended) is the same thing. My camera didn’t take the picture. I used the camera to create the picture.

So stayed tuned over the next few weeks and if you want to learn all this information in depth, at once and even more then sign up for my previously sold out Photography class, now online!!

Riane Roberts wedding photographer education on camera equipment and gear

Learn more about the course here!

And keep learning!





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