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Why You Need A Wedding Photo Album

Jun 3, 2019

Alright, let’s talk. You need a wedding photo album.

Now, you initially may not agree with needing a printed photo album but let me explain a bit more about them. And tell you why they are so important!

We live in a digital age. A time where you want photos to upload on social media platforms, to text them to friends and family all around the globe and to have them accessible easily on your phone and devices. I totally get that! In fact, I am the same way. I could scroll through my phone and show off pictures of my niece every day!

But, there is something so special about holding a tangible item in your hands.

To be able to turn the pages and relive the moments, there is nothing like it.

The pages are curated in a way that not only shows off the beautiful moments from your wedding day, but they tell the entire story.

And wedding photo albums have come a longgg way. Remember old family albums where there was a sticky, clear piece of plastic on each page to hold in the pictures? Or the ones with little corner tags on each photo? Ones that fade and warp over time.

But these albums, they are not like that at all. They are a luxury item for sure. Let me tell you a few reasons why the albums I sell are ones that I absolutely love! (And you can talk to your wedding photographer too to see the material and quality of example albums!)

  • You can choose a high quality woven linen in various colors or upgrade to a soft, leather.
  • There are options to emboss or engrave names on the front of the album.
  • You can also add a window type cameo and show a picture on the front of the album!
  • There are four size options. 4×4, which is perfect for throwing in your purse and bringing with you. 8×8, the perfect size for a parent gift! 10×10, which is the standard size I usually recommend to my clients. And 12×12, a coffee table book to showcase your big day!
  • The pages are thick and the photos are printed by a professional photo lab right onto the pages.
  • Each album comes with a canvas dust cover or you can add on various cases and boxes to store it in too!

Are you planning your big day now? If so, grab this free checklist for brides (& grooms!) that is all about wedding day details!

And if you are looking for more wedding day tips and tricks, I got you! here is a list of the first five vendors you should book, and why! Then I also wrote a post for both couples and other photographers all about the art of candid wedding photography!

I really think there is nothing that beats having a big, beautiful wedding photo album of your big day! For my bride and grooms, if you want to order one, let me know!







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