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What To Ask Your Vendors : Wedding Cake

Jan 27, 2020

Planning a wedding can be tough stuff.

However, I want to make it better for you!! A fun and exciting process with as little stress and worry as possible. How? Well, we are going to start with ‘what to ask your vendors’. This is a new series I am starting on the blog for planning brides and grooms. All about the things you should know when hiring vendors! So, I will ask them your specific questions submitted and just two general questions too.

What to ask your vendors is going to be something I do with planners, dress shop owners, hair stylists, videographers. Anyone and everyone!

So, let’s start with my dear friend, Katie. Katie is the owner and extraordinaire behind Mae Flour Cakes. 

She creates the most beautiful and delicious works of art. Wedding cake, macarons, cupcakes, cookies, all the yummy stuff. Honestly, I am her biggest fan.

I could write an entire post on Katie as a person and what she has done for me both personally and professionally as a friend and industry peer. But, I don’t want these posts to be bias.. so I will save that for another day! Today, let’s jump into the two interview questions for ‘What to ask your vendors’ and get some more advice from her.

  • What are the biggest tips you have for brides/grooms looking to hire you for wedding cake and desserts?
    • If you are choosing to invest in a cake artist, I encourage you to “think outside the cake box” and go for something funky! Your design should be unique to your wedding. Pull out details like your linen color, textures, patterns from your invitation suite and more. Your cake should fit in with your day, but stand out as a centerpiece of the dessert table. The more trust you have in your artist to do their thing, the happier I believe you’ll be.
  • What are the most commonly asked questions you get from inquiring/booking couples and what are your answers?
    • How much cake do I need? I usually suggest serving 80% of your guest count if doing only cake! Since you’ll have people too busy dancing to eat a slice or people on diets (boo).
    • Should I do a cutting cake and treats or large cake only? It depends on what you think your guests would like most! How are you planning on serving it? Buffet style or plated? Do you want them to take things home? If doing mini items, I usually say to do 2-3 per person. If you have lots of options, people will grab a few to sample!
    • How many flavors should I choose? I think variety is awesome, something for everyone! It can also get crazy if you choose one dozen of every kind. That’s when an uncle takes 12 cupcakes. Choosing a few items with more quantity versus several items of a small quantity is better in my opinion for that reason, and will look fuller on a table!
    • When should you deliver? I like to come an hour to an hour and a half before reception! This way nothing’s sitting out too long, but I have enough time to display everything!

Specifically asked questions:

  • Top things clients need to know before hiring baker/cake artist? What are things should brides & grooms know/research?
    • Are you looking for just cake? Cake and desserts? What does this bakery specialize in? Do they price per person or do packages etc. Should I have a cutting cake and side desserts or more? Does the venue include a cake or desserts? Do they charge a cake cutting fee?
  • Can you really save the top tier in the freezer for a year?
    • You definitely can if you store it correctly. I know I personally never have room in my freezer for that, so tell my couples to reach out a year later and I’ll make them a 4inch version of their cake for a discount!
So there you have it! Some words from the expert herself when it comes to wedding cakes and dessert. Now you know how to prepare and what to ask your vendors for the sweet treats. Check out her website and work here. And now, let’s see some sweets..

Mmmm. My sweet tooth loves this.




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