• Other information I would give to people who would be looking to book a DJ for their wedding would be…
    • Decide what style of DJ you want. There are two main styles of wedding DJ – the first and most common is a very interactive DJ who is comfortable getting on the mic and playing games like trivia and wedding games throughout the night, they may teach your guests how to do dances like the cupid shuffle and things like that. They may be on the microphone a lot throughout the night.
    • The second type of DJ, and less common in the wedding industry, would be a little more reserved, a little more minimalistic on the mic only making the necessary announcements. Probably not comfortable playing wedding games, and teaching guests how to do dances.
    • Both styles of DJs can deliver an amazing experience. There are people who want a very interactive DJ for their wedding and there are people that want more of a minimalistic style DJ for their wedding but before choosing a DJ you should decide what vibe you are going for. Feel free to ask your DJ what their style is.
  • Also there are a lot of moving parts at a wedding – there are family dances, speeches, grand entrances, cake cuttings, ceremonies, cocktail hours, dinners – some DJs DJ on their own and other DJs DJ as a team with two people. It is very common for a DJ to DJ on their own at a weddings but it may be a little bit smoother with two people there as they can be an extension of one another throughout the night and help each other coordinate events.
  • Lastly often when people are planning weddings they overlook the importance of booking a DJ… A DJ can make or break a perfectly planned wedding so take your time to do some research, read reviews on your DJ, meet them in person and go with your gut feeling!
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