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Understanding White Balance

Jan 9, 2019

Photography can be a tricky thing to learn.

Sure, there are a lot of technical factors. But a lot of it is also all about preference! That’s what art is! It is up to the creator to decide what the final outcome will look like.

So, while I do believe every photographer needs to learn the technical side of things, you also need to really stay true to your style and preferences.

Today, I want to talk about White Balance.

We have discussed understanding what aperture is, shutter speed and ISO. And after you master those three then you can be exposing your photos how you want and shooting in manual. That is a huge accomplishment! Because, your gear doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to work it.

But what is you’re killing it with manual settings and your photos still aren’t exactly where you want them to be? Take your photos to the next level with white balance.

Now, I started using auto white balance only, moved into kelvin and about three years ago starting using custom white balance and setting it with an expo disc. I have discussed my expo disc before and still love it!

You can spend time adjusting white balance in your post production editing. But try changing the settings in your camera first!

Here are examples of the exact same image, all with the same settings and no different editing. All that was changed was the white balance, that is it!

If you want to learn this (and so much more) more in depth, then join the students in my photography course!!

understanding white balance example

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