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Tuscan Inspired Wedding

Jan 31, 2020

You can picture it, right? A Tuscan inspired wedding.

Gorgeous archways, lush greenery and all the earth toned colors and details. Well, that is exactly what Sara and Willie did.

Their tuscan inspired wedding day was everything you can dream of! Can you believe it took place here in Phoenix, Arizona? That’s right! Villa Siena was just the perfect venue to bring their tuscan dreams to life.

This wedding I photographed for my team at Monique Hessler Weddings is a favorite for a few reasons but one in particular.

That first look.

The anticipation, the emotion and all the feelings! Tears of joy, moments of shock and then the sweetest time of the soon to be newly weds reading their vows to each other. I want to go on and on telling you about how amazing this couple is but I really think that the photos do all the talking.

And check out their engagement session while you’re at it..

But first, oh just you wait! You have got to scroll down and see this first look.

See what I mean? The first look of dreams!!





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