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The Role of a Wedding Coordinator… & Why You Need One!

Sep 16, 2019

Alright brides, let’s talk about hiring a wedding coordinator.

Now that you’ve started planning, you probably realize all the little things you didn’t know about before.

All the details with planning that add up! Your to do list just grows and grows even as you cross things off! Does your wedding part wear outfits that mix or match? What about picking your wedding color palette? Making your family formal photo list?

Of course, I always recommend working with a wedding planner. However, I understand that a lot of couple chose not to do this. And if you don’t, then you need to look at having a wedding coordinator.

I have photographed over 100+ weddings. Many with full planners, many with coordinators and some with a friend or family member filling in that role. And today, I want to help you make sure your wedding day goes as perfectly as possible. And a huge piece of that, is hiring a good wedding coordinator.

So, I chatted with some industry peers and coordinators to talk about their role in the wedding day and asked them why couples should hire a coordinator. Here are the top five things I found..

  • They work as a vendor rangler. That means that when the DJ shows up and needs to know where to unload their gear, they call the coordinator. If the florist is running a few minutes late to drop off, your coordinator gets that call. When hair and makeup is taking longer than planned, the coordinator keeps everyone on schedule. They make sure everyone is where they need to be and doing what they are supposed to at all times!
  • All those little details are in their hands. Your personal details, like frames and signs and decor you purchased, have to get set up and put away. Who does that? Your coordinator! They set them up for you and pack them up for you (or a trusted other person) to take home at the end of the night. Coordinators also can pack up your cards and gifts into the bridal suite or someones car. And they can make sure the groomsmen all have their boutonnieres pinned correctly. All the little things throughout the day!
  • Now, this one may seem like a joke (but trust me.. every wedding needs it!), your coordinator is also a bit of a sheep herder. Whether it is groomsmen who are easily distracted, a family member who keeps wandering to mingle during family formal photos or something else.. you need someone to make sure everyone is where they need to be!
  • When you don’t have a coordinator, that role falls on the bride, her mother, the maid of honor or someone else. While I have seen these people do wonderful jobs of helping, it adds so much stress. So let your coordinator be the stress reliever! The brides mom should worry about helping her daughter get dressed. Your maid of honor should drink with the girls and practice her speech. Friends and family want to be a part of your wedding day by celebrating alongside you, not working!
  • Finally, your coordinator becomes the go to person. That means if there are any issues or hiccups throughout the wedding day, which there usually are, they are the main contact. That means that usually the issues are resolved and fixed and things go on perfectly without the chaos ever even reaching the bride.

Now, I know a lot of people don’t think they need a coordinator because their venue comes with a venue coordinator. I totally understand that! However, a venue coordinator has a different role. Their priority is the venue (and usually catering). Making sure things are going smoothly there and running the day.

They often don’t have time to be a shadow for the bride and make sure all those little things are going smoothly. So when you have a great venue coordinator and a great day/month-of coordinator, they work together to make the day perfect!

And, if you want to hear a wild (but beautiful) story. Check out this wedding. Elizabeth and Aaron were thrilled to have such an amazing venue and day of coordinator!!


So there you have it, and if you need some recommendations of wonderful coordinators or planners, let me know!






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