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Wedding Day Secret Weapon. The Apple Watch.

Jun 10, 2019

Now, this isn’t the first time I have claimed to have a secret weapon.

I recently shared the program I use to cull images in a matter of minutes. And I previously shared my favorite way to customize white balance. (If you want to learn about what white balance is, I got you). So what is this “secret weapon”?

The Apple Watch.

Seems simple enough, right? A lot of people have them. Some track their steps and fitness. Others use it as an extension of their phone to call and text. I use it primarily only on when I am photographing weddings. Let me tell you a few reasons I LOVE it!

  • Timeline and shot list
    • I upload my timeline for the wedding day and shot list onto the watch and can go through and reference it all day without digging out a paper copy. For this, you can use iCal, the notes app or (my preference) Evernote. The reason I like Evernote is because I have it on my computer and all I have to do is add the documents in there then view them on my watch!
  • Texts and calls
    • Now, I try to never use my phone on wedding days. I really only have to send texts or make calls when I need to get ahold of the planner, my second shooter or something like that. However, I am an anxious person and always fear I will miss an important call while I am shooting. So, it is easy for me to see ‘oh hey, my mom is calling’ and shoot her a quick “Working” text to make sure there isn’t a family emergency!
  • Walkie Talkie feature
    • This is my fav! If my second shooter or assistant has an apple watch, then I ask them to wear it too. That is because there is a built in walkie talkie feature. It is seriously the greatest! I can send them to go grab all the groomsmen when I am finishing up bridesmaids and if I need them to grab a certain lens, I don’t have to chase them down or have them run all around.

Now, just like anything.. there are bad things too. But I really only have one major complaint with the apple watch.

I rarely use it. I definitely don’t use it each day! Really, it is probably 90% of the time that I am wearing it, I am shooting. And on wedding days, I get in a lottt of steps. A lot. Which means that the next time I put it on, it tells me I need to be more active! Pshh. I don’t need my watch judging me. But no worries, I turned off the alert feature. 😉 Problem solver.

If you are a wedding photographer that wants my free guide for second shooters with all the guidelines I give them, check this out!

Happy shooting!






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