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One thing I do after every single session..

Oct 21, 2019

It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding or an engagement. Maybe it is even one of the family mini sessions I do. After every single session, I always do one thing.

Take notes.

That may seem silly. I am out of school after all, and have been for quite a while. But I have found it to be one of the best ways for me to learn and grow! Now, the notes vary. Sometimes there are only one or two things. Other times, a lot more.

But I always take notes to look back at a few things.

First, what did I do well? I often am my own worst critic. So this helps me to see what I did that I am proud of and remind myself of the good.

Then, it is things I can improve on.

There have been many times I have gotten down on myself and wished I had done things differently. So, instead of dwelling on those things, I now put it down in my notes. Then I can use that experience to grow and make better choices next time.

Sometimes, I take notes of tips and tricks that come to mind while shooting. Other times it is notes about silly things to remember (like fun moments I want to include in a blog post!). But after every single session, I always learn something.

Because no matter how much of a master you are at your job, you always need to learn more. There are new things happening all around us and as a creative person, I want to take it all in. So even though I teach my own online photography course, I am pushing myself to be a student too.

Keep learning.





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