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Sweetheart Session : Chard Workshop

Sep 27, 2019

As a photographer, I am constantly trying to learn more.

There is nobody that knows it all (and if they claim to, they definitely don’t) but we all know something. So while I teach my photography course and have been working as a full time photographer for a few years now, I have to push myself to always learn more.

There are always new techniques, different ways other photographers do things and something to learn! So, I have made it a goal of mine to attend one workshop/event/course or do something educational at least one a year.

This year, I went to the Chard Workshop. And I could easily pick my favorite part.

Photography Kate & Will.

They are a couple who had Chard Photography capture their elopement and they live here in Arizona. So they modeled for the workshop attendees while we got to see Rich in action and shoot some portraits of them ourselves.

These two so natural and beautiful. I loved my time at the Chard Workshop and absolutely loved loved LOVED shooting these beauties. Check out this other favorite desert engagement session. And, a little BTS of Rich working and the other attendees snapping away!





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