Sunrise Grove Engagement

Aug 2, 2019


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If you know me, there is one thing for certain. I am not a fan of mornings.

I don’t like waking up early, I don’t like getting out of bed. Never have I been a morning person and I don’t plan to ever be. BUT.. this was the exception.

For Jenna and Mike, we scheduled a sunrise session. We knew the grove location we were going to and knew that the lighting would be perfect in the morning. And light is more important than anything when it comes to taking a good photo. Good lighting is more important than backgrounds, locations, gear or anything else!

This shoot for my team at Monique Hessler Weddings easily became a favorite. It was SO worth waking up and getting out of bed before the sun. I don’t think there is anyway I am going to become a morning person, but if you all ever want a sunrise grove engagement session… I will set an alarm.

Check out another recent engagement session that was a favorite too.

SEE?! Dreamy dreamy dreamy! Plus, I was sleepy… so it really felt like a dream.




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