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Subtle Sparkle Wedding

Sep 18, 2020

It takes two minutes of being around Sam and Gavin to absolutely fall in love with these two.

They are kind, funny and so beautifully in love! Their subtle sparkle wedding day a perfect representation of the two of them. Classic and traditional, elegant and refined. While being unique, fun and such a great time.

With the lush greenery, deep colored florals and individualized sparkly bridesmaids dresses, it was truly stunning.

And not only was the style and decor of the day incredible, but this couple took it up a notch. Their chemistry is so apparent and their love photographs beautifully. Also, how photogenic are they?! From their huge laughs and little giggles to the soft kisses and passionate moments.

Sam and Gavin had an amazing wedding day and I am so grateful to be apart of the Monique Hessler Weddings team and have been able to capture their day. Now, enjoy!

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And more sparkle, please.





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