Spider Holster Camera Strap | My Experience!

Apr 18, 2018


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At almost every wedding I shot, I get a comment about how bad ass my camera set up looks. Not because of the lenses or equipment I am using, but because of the holster I wear it in. Well today I am going to tell you about the Spider Holster I use, what it has done for me and why I love it!

The Spider Holster is a belt that holds my gear around my waist! You can see it in action below with the behind the scenes photos! It is heavy duty and sturdy and I completely trust it holding my expensive and valuable gear.

Before using the Spider Holster, I used a Black Rapid camera strap. Now, when I shot ceremonies I still use this! Because during ceremonies I shot with two bodies. It is easier for me than swapping out lenses during the ceremony! I don’t want to miss a moment!

If you shoot on two bodies, the Spider Holster company offers things for you too! I just haven’t upgraded to the two body belt yet because I primarily only use one body. It is only about 30 minutes in a 6-8 hour day that I use two.

With every single camera strap I have used, my shoulders burn after a wedding. There is a specific spot in between my shoulder blades that felt like I have icy hot seeping between my bones after each double-header weekend. It got to a point where it was almost unbearable. After I was in a car accident in January and injured my shoulder, it was almost impossible for me to even hold my camera on a shoulder strap without extreme pain.

Enter, the Spider Holster. I was skeptical at first, I had seen other people use it but didn’t see the appeal. My co-worker, friend and fellow photographer through Monique Hessler Weddings, Nicole, uses it! Well, I figured I would buy it and give it a test run. Holy cow. It has changed my life!

The pressure and weight is off of my shoulder and back. Sure, I still do a lot of moving and holding heavy gear throughout a wedding day. But when I wake up the next morning, I can stretch and feel like I worked out. Not be bed ridden and reaching for the ibuprofen.

I am able to keep my posture up throughout the entire wedding day and for the first time I am realizing my feet hurt. I take this as a great sign! Because it used to be that my feet hurt but I didn’t even notice or care because my shoulders hurt SO. MUCH. WORSE.

This holster allows me to have my camera right at my side and a lens in a pouch when needed. I also have a little tactical belt attachment where I keep my phone, the wedding timeline, a pen, chapstick, spare batteries and my expo disc (when it isn’t around my neck). If that seems like a lot, it is! But you wouldn’t know! It all fits perfectly.

Then I have my memory cards in a carrier that has a┬ácarabiner clip. Everything I need is right on me! I keep my lens bag not too far from me but don’t have to lug everything around in it!

Thank you Spider Holster for making such a great quality product. Helping with my efficiency and pain! And, for making me look way more badass than I really am.

Spider Hostler Camera Strap demonstrated


It’s like a cowboy standoff… with cameras.