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Sisters Trip to New York City

Jan 14, 2019

NYC really is my favorite city.

I mean, come on, it is New York City we are talking about. Hustle and bustle, go go go and so much to see!

John and I have taken a few trips theres (remember?!) and at the end of 2017, my bestie and I went and saw 8 Broadway Shows in 5 Days!

Well, because I just can’t stay away from New York City for too long, I went again in December. This time, for a sisters trip to New York City!

Jamie and I are very close and we both have taken many trips to NYC and absolutely love the city. But we had never been there together. So, for her thirtieth birthday this year, I worked with my family and her husband to surprise her. Of course, because Jamie loves to be in control, it was only a partial surprise.

The surprise was that the trip was planned. Hotels and flights were booked but that she still had two weeks notice, cause she is a planner.

It worked out wonderfully and we have the best time! Some of the trip highlights?

So, if you are planning a trip to NYC, I am here to help. I have so many recommendations from the places I love and can’t wait to plan the next trip back to the greatest city in the world.

Three bucks, two bags, one me! (Name that musical!)






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