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Postponing Your Wedding

Apr 24, 2020

First, if you are in the position of deciding if postponing your wedding is right for you, let me tell you how sorry I am.

Planning a wedding takes time, money and a lot of energy and love! Adding in the stress of postponing your wedding is something nobody wants and it breaks my heart that so many couples have to do that. Especially now, with the world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a matter of fact, March and April are usually two of my busiest months of the year. The weather is gorgeous here in Arizona at that time of year so there are usually weddings every weekend! With the current start of things, all of my spring weddings have been postponed. So it seemed like an appropriate time to share some tips for those of you in the wedding planning stage of things, incase this information could be valuable in the future.

First, if you have a wedding planner (and you should!) consult with them and they can walk you through all the necessary steps to take. And here are some of my other tips..

  • Reach out to your vendors initially¬†
    • Let them know you are postponing and looking into your options as far as dates and details go. Just give them an initial, “Hey, things are changing. I will keep you posted as soon as I can!”
  • Review your contracts
    • Go through your contracts with vendors and see if there is a clause regarding postponing. Ideally, they will all be available on your new day. But it is good for you to remind yourself of what the contract says because each vendor is different!
  • Contact the venue
    • See what they are offering to clients during this time and what their re-schedule policy is. If you will continue at the same venue then get a list of the dates they have available for you to change to and get ready to plan fast
  • Send a postponement
    • Send out a postponing your wedding notice to your guests. Just like many people send out ‘Save The Date’s, you can simply send out a ‘Change The Date’. You don’t need to have your new date confirmed, just let your guests know that more info will be coming soon. That way, they can change travel plans!
  • Reach out to vendors again¬†
    • Now that you know the dates your venue has available, reach out to your vendors. This can be a juggling act to find a day that everyone is available and it may not be the case, unfortunately. But, hopefully everyone can find a new day that works to celebrate your big day!
  • Confirm new date
    • Once you have gone through the schedules and picked a new date, confirm with your venue and sign whatever paperwork is needed. As soon as the new date is confirmed, alert all vendors that it is going forward on a new date!
  • Send it out
    • Send out the new postponing your wedding information to your guests. Just as you would a usual invite, with date and time and location!

And during this whole time, feel what you need to feel! Yes, the world is in a wild place. And there are reasons you have to postpone that are for the greater good! But you can still be sad or mad or just overall bummed out. That’s okay too.

But remember, your wedding is a celebration of your love. The party that lasts one day.. your marriage is what matters and what will last a lifetime! So, having the party on another day will be alright. As a matter of fact, it just makes the time you get to say ‘fiance’ a little longer!

Check out this gorgeous day here!

And, while you’re at it, here is a FREE download for a wedding day detail checklist. All planning brides should have it!





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