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Posing, made easy.

Whether you are a family photographer, wedding photographer or specialize in senior graduation sessions.. posing can be hard. But it doesn't have to be! This online posing course is designed to help you not only make sure your clients are comfortable and confident but that you are too!


Confident & Comfortable

The Photographers Guide To Posing

First, we start with the basics. We will discuss my philosophy on the purpose of posing and the importance of it. Then we will review some guidelines for posing in various types of sessions. After that, we dive in!

We will go over various poses and how to add variation. The things I also do to ensure my clients get a full gallery of consistent photos but still add unique images! PlusI will tell you how I capture authentic, candid moments.

There are sections going over :
-Posing Families
-Individual Photos
-Working With Large Groups
-Posing Individuals
...and more!

Plus, you get to go behind the scenes and watch me in action. Look and listen along while I photograph four different mini sessions and see how I work with clients hands on!

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