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Whether you are a family photographer, wedding photographer or specialize in graduating senior sessions.. posing can be hard. But it doesn't have to be! This online posing course is designed to help you not only make sure your clients are comfortable and confident but that you are too!

make your clients look and feel their best

There have been so many photographers I have spoken to over the years who struggle with posing. And years ago, I was one of them. That is because posing can be overwhelming as hell! 

We, as photographers, are constantly struggling with the need to be consistent while balancing it with our creative expression. 

Well now, there is a solution. I spent years creating and perfecting my exact posing process. The steps I take every time I have people in front of my camera to make sure that they feel confident and comfortable while I am being consistent and creative! 

That is right, you can have it and do it all! 

I put my process into this course for you so that you can not only make sure your clients are always feeling and looking their best in front of the camera, but so that you can rock it too! You can be just as confident and comfortable with posing, giving direction and knowing your photos are going to be the best they can be!

have ever felt this...

Like your creative juices just stopped and you don't know what to do next at a shoot. *had a brain fart

That you want to make sure your clients photo galleries are full of quality photos that are consistent while full of variation and authentic moments... but don't know how. 

this course teaches...

my exact process for posing in every situation

ready to produce consistently posed and creative images?

how to capture authentic, real moments.

ways to add variety within poses

how to always be in control of a shoot

be honest

- hilary

OMGOSH, I just finished watching the first few sections of the videos and I can already tell this course is filled with so much great content!! Riane is so clear in all her videos and explains how to pose subjects in every situation. Everyone needs this in their lives. I can't begin to describe how perfect this course is for an aspiring photographer. I feel so confident! I will continue to watch Riane's course on repeat and put these skills into practice. I am so excited to learn and grow. I am so grateful for Riane's heart for education in the photography industry. Trust me, this course is for you!

Craving creative freedom but wanting to create a consistent and reputable business... that was my struggle. I put so much stress on learning how to pose that, for a while, I lost the fun in it all. 

But now, posing is my jam.

I perfected my process and came up with a plan to make sure my clients always get a gallery full of consistent images. And I did this while making sure those images have tons of variety and all my creativity got to shine! 

Whether it is families, an individual, large groups or a couple... even dogs! I maintain confidence and comfortability for myself and my clients always

Now, I want to help you do the same. 

I am Riane

The girl behind the camera... and computer

start with learning a little about me and all about my philosophy on posing. 

then learn all that there is about posing families. standard group shots, extended family, groups with kids or pets. all of it!

then we get into the difficult situation of posing individuals. seniors, headshots, bridal portraits and more!

next up is posing groups! bridesmaids, groomsmen and full wedding parties. 

don't worry if you don't shoot weddings. this info can be used for any group setting!

SIGN. ME. UP!!! Only $47

the course outline

now, posing couples! The main poses i use, how to get variation within them and specific things to think of depending on shoot type.

we also talk about dealing with height difference, tricky situations and adding dogs in pics.

learn how to embrace the uniqueness of your clients and your surroundings on a shoot!

see me shoot behind the scenes in four different mini sessions. two families, a couple and an individual!

go to your next shoot making sure you and your clients are confident, comfortable and ready!


You get...
- Six in depth, intensive, categorized sections
- 30 lessons within the sections
- A behind the scenes look at me at a shoot

But let's not forget...
Bonus #1: This course is discounted the lowest price it will ever be. Ever
Bonus #2: There is a money back guarantee. You get 30 whole days to make sure this is the right investment for you. 

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee?!

create consistent images while keeping it creative!


This course was jam-packed with information for every type of posing situation you might encounter. My favorite part was the clips of Riane at actual photo shoots with clients. It's so beneficial to see the process that's been taught, in action. I also liked learning about all of the variations you can get all while staying in the same pose. If you're someone who needs more confidence with posing while at photo shoots, this course is for you! This class had lots of information and helpful tips and processes to give you the confidence you need to succeed and help your clients feel comfortable during sessions. If you're ready to learn how to create authentic, real moments with your clients, this course is for you.

don't just take my word for it...They were in your shoes

What People Are Saying

This posing course is a great way to get really comfortable with strong key poses that every gallery needs. Sometimes as photographers we can overcomplicate things which gets confusing for our clients but this course has a really great back to basics approach with room and tips to add your own flair and variation. Everything is laid out in easy, bite sized videos which help the information to really stick so that even on a session or wedding day you're not going to go blank (but if you do the prompt cards are great!). 
I loved seeing the sections that include live sessions as it really helps to see how you can interact and pose couples in a way that still produces really genuine images. Overall, a really great posing course for all levels of photographers



I highly recommend Riane's Online Posing Course! At first glance, I wasn't sure if I was going to benefit from this since I have been a photographer for several years but I jumped in anyway because I felt as if there were random times throughout photographing that I would draw blanks and wonder what to do next on sessions or stressful wedding days. Riane explains her thinking behind all of her poses and how she guides her clients into having beautiful photos. The way she creates such gorgeous images is that she has crafted a solution to not only have photos fit the couple or client but for them to feel comfortable and for her to be able to remember it all. It is almost as if she has a blueprint to her posing and then her couples interpret it with their own twist, so that way all photos have a little spin on them and represent her client's personality.

(PT 1/2)



She goes above and beyond with this course from explaining how she photographs all types of clients from couples to kids, to dogs, and more. I often get scared when I have one partner tall and the other short but I no longer will be intimidated after her watching her course because she goes in-depth on this topic. She even has a few videos of her actually photographing sessions which is so fun to see how she handles and also uses her posing style. I feel that her course is going to allow me to create my own system in my head to better my photography for my clients and so that I will never draw a blank while at a wedding or with my couples. She even goes into how to get children's attention to many other factors that can sometimes inhibit posing to go smoothly. I am not sure what else you would want or need in a posing course. This will help speed up my sessions and allow me to get so many more variations in my photos. Riane has nailed it! I will for sure be watching these videos more than once to keep all of her tips and tricks in mind!

(PT 2/2)



This course benefited me so greatly! I often panic on posing but now I feel comfortable enough to take control and be confident in what I’m doing and how to direct my clients! Riane broke down posing to its very core. She provided examples to show her explanations which was SUPER helpful! She also explains her own process, step by step, in such great detail!!! Riane goes over her thought process for so many possible sessions: seniors, weddings, families, one person, tens of people- she covers all of it for such a fair price!!!! This will save me from so much pressure and panic!



Riane's posing course is perfect for photographers who want to take their posing game to the next level. Her instructions are easy to follow and you will come away from this course with a wide variety of poses that you can use right away at your next session. Riane shares her go-to poses and then gives ideas for how to add variety to each pose so that you can give your clients a beautiful mix of quality images. I highly recommend Riane's course if you're just starting out as a photographer and need some help with posing, or if you're a more experienced photographer who still struggles with getting authentic connection and interaction with your clients. You will come away from this course with a wealth of posing knowledge.



Going through Riane's course on posing, I learned so much! She explains everything so in-depth through the whole course and it covers everything from families to weddings. As a seasoned wedding photographer, family and kids are not my strong point so learning Riane's go to poses and subtle variations makes me feel more comfortable with any session I book. This course has something for everyone and any photographer no matter where your skill set is. The biggest bonus is the posing prompt cards! I can't wait to use them at my next session and wedding! 



I have to begin with wow, I learned so much! I love not only how much knowledge Riane gave but I am so grateful for her very specific tips. It is one thing to just tell someone how to do something but she truly is instructing and leading by example with this course. There are so many treasures throughout. From the many examples she gave to the behind the scenes videos of actual sessions, it was so helpful! I would recommend this course to anyone who needs help with posing and overall how to engage with clients to how to make them feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you, thank you for this Riane! I look forward to putting all this knowledge to good use on my next shoot. 



This course is very comprehensive and detailed in short segments. I found the length and content of each lesson to be the perfect balance. Riane keeps your attention and her descriptions are easy to comprehend. I especially appreciate the real life examples at the end of the course. 

Everyone would benefit from this it whether a new photographer or a seasoned professional. 



This posing course was so professionally done and as a result, so pleasant to watch. Riane has given me so many helpful methods for posing that I KNOW will positively effect my client experience. Posing is something I think we all struggle with, but she breaks it down into digestible bites. It was also so helpful watching her direct her clients in the mini sessions to get a sort of "hands on" experience. I'm feeling much more confident and comfortable posing my clients! 



you want consistent poses in your images while maintaining your creativity?
learn how to do it all

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Frequently Asked Questions

you can comment in the course lessons at any time and i will reply right there!

what if I have more questions or need more help after I complete the course?

that's the beauty of it being online, you get to decide. binge it like your fav netflix show or go slow and steady. the course is six sections with 30 lessons. 

how long does the course take to complete?

In order to serve a larger audience and allow you the resource to always go back and review, it is exclusively online.

will this ever be an in person class?

the more the merrier! If you have a photographer friend who would benefit from this, send them this page. i would love to have them join!

how can i share this with my friends?!

there is a 30 day money back guarantee. so, take the leap and join! If it isn't right for you, no offense taken! To be eligible for the refund you must have completed 2 sections. Once you have completed 4 , it will become ineligible.

do you offer refunds?

let's talk money


100% Money Back Guarantee

that's right. 
Not happy? No worries. I will give you your money back (and pick your brain to see if there is another way I can help you learn and grow!) Just check the FAQ section to learn about refund eligibility!

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