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Number One Tip For Planning A Destination Wedding

Jun 17, 2019

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task.

Whether you are planning your destination wedding as an overseas elopement or a large celebration just in another part of the state you live in, it is a more unique planning situation than a local wedding.

With a destination wedding, there is a likeliness that you won’t be able to meet all your vendors. Or that you will have a harder time even finding vendors! So, I want to give you my number one tip for planning a destination wedding.

Now, I know not everyone uses a wedding planner. But for a destination wedding is a great idea to! They are experts in their field for a reason!

Wedding planners can help guide you with every step of your wedding planning process and make a destination wedding far less stressful. Planners make your wedding dreams come true by executing the hard work to build your vision. You still get to be hands on and involved with every decision.

But if you aren’t using a wedding planner (I would highly highly highly suggest getting a coordinator for the big day!) then I have a number one tip for planning your destination wedding.

Find one vendor you love. 

That’s right, that’s all you need. One!

Now, I have shared before the five vendors you should look at booking first, and those would be great ones to start with! But if you can find a wedding photographer, videographer or florist who you love, then you are well on your way.

What you can do from there is investigate on their social media and reach out to them. Look at the vendors they work with regularly, ask them for their referrals, and dig deep in your search!

Whenever I am hired to travel for a wedding, I try and help my clients with this too. Since I am based out of Arizona, but work wedding everywhere, I try and be a good resource for my clients. I am apart of various online communities for wedding professionals in different locations and have made a lot of connections. So I am always confident with sharing vendor referrals to my clients!

If you want to see some destination weddings from here in Arizona then check out these. One in Scottsdale, Pinetop and another in Flagstaff. Or one of my favorite California destination weddings!

Now, get to planning!






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