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Places I’ve Lived

May 10, 2018

From the desert to swamp land, across the ocean and to the big city. Here is a review of the places I’ve lived!

My love for Arizona has grown immensely over the years. I was born and raised here in the desert but always dreaming of living elsewhere. I was the typical person that couldn’t wait to get away from what I had always known.

When I was only 18 years old I made a huge move and went to Orlando, Florida. It was so different from Phoenix, Arizona in so many ways. Humidity and bugs being two of those things. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to humidity or love bugs.

I lived in Orlando for almost exactly two years! During that time I worked at The Walt Disney World Resort! Talk about a magical experience. Being a young adult, on my own and in the most magical place in the world. I made amazing friends, learned a strong work ethic and made the best memories.

Not to mention, all the time I spent at Disney World. That has to be the highlight of living in Orlando, Florida.

After two years in Florida, I had planned to move back to Arizona and see what adventure was next. It was time to do some reevaluating and restructuring for my future! Then, something very unexpected happened.

I was given the opportunity to continue working for Disney but this time, across the world. I thought the distance from Arizona to Florida was far. Turns out, Arizona to Japan is much further!

That’s right, I next moved to Tokyo, Japan. Between Florida and then, I did come home to Arizona for 6 weeks. I celebrated the holidays with my family, go all my things in order and hung out with friends before making the huge move.

Now, let’s talk Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan was by far my favorite place in the world. I made lifelong friends, like these amazing people I went to Palm Springs with recently. I traveled to so many places (which all will be included in my upcoming Tokyo Travel Guide) and made memories that will last forever.

To be completely honest, the biggest reason I didn’t stay in Japan even longer is because of the time difference. With a 16 hour time difference from my family here in Arizona, scheduling phone calls and talking was a difficult thing. After over two years of living in this wonderful country of Japan, I was ready to come home.

So Arizona, to Florida to Japan and now back in Arizona. Then there was another detour!

John and I began dating, after years of knowing each other, in 2014 while we were both living back home in Arizona. Then he was offered a job in Chicago, Illinois. After much discussion and thought, we decided to head to Chicago!

We ended up not living there too long but the time we were there was incredibly memorable. Ate great food! Went to cool concerts and festivals. And we had a super cool, old apartment! I can’t wait to get back and visit! Check out some of our time there!

So, after out time in Chicago we ultimately decided to move back home to Arizona and set down roots.

Though I have loved my time all around the world, I have a great appreciation for being home now. I can’t imagine living anywhere else! Though I love to travel and see as much of the world as I can, there is something so special about coming back home.

Home is where the heart is.





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