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Turn Your Photography Passion Into A Profitable Business

Feb 10, 2020

If you follow me on Instagram than you probably heard about the two week online intensive class I hosted, Passion To Profit.

Passion To Profit is the know all for starting a photography business! Over the course of two weeks there were six classes and today, I want to tell you about them all.

  • Class 1 : The Biz
  • After and intro and some goal setting, we jumped in. This training class discussed understanding your business and your niche. The legal and financial things to consider to become a ‘legit’ business! As well as understanding your ‘why’ and creating a mission for your business!
  • Class 2 : Getting Started
    • First, we talked about your uniqueness! Then the photo style you want to be known for. We learned about portfolio building, identifying your ideal client and made a plan for how to spread the word of your new business!
  • Class 3 : Be Your Best
    • This class is all about refining your skill set, setting prices and packages, making goals and (my favorite) how to build demand in your business before you even launch!
  • Class 4 : In A Pretty Package
    • This training is all about branding. Knowing the difference in your visual branding versus your personal brand and how they compliment each other. The importance of a website and we talked a lot about social media outlets and how to use them for business!
  • Class 5 : Ready. Set. GO!
    • During this class we are going over workflows and management systems that you need in place. Plus how to send contracts and invoices! Then, it is time to get ready to LAUNCH!
  • Class 6 : All The Info.. and then some!
    • Let’s review it all and revisit a few things. Like your business mission and the goals you set! And then we are creating an action plan for those goals. Then, lastly, I am answering every single one of your questions. ALL OF THEM!

It is a LOT of information. Like, a lot! But now I am doing something extra super special.. are you ready?

I am giving you access to this class.

So, let’s start over a bit. My original plan was to continue hosting this class throughout 2020. Then, I decided it would be even better to turn it into an online course so that anyone with scheduling conflicts for the live classes can take it at their own pace. This first class I hosted at 80% off! Wild.

So, those signing up to take it as an online course were going to do a much bigger investment..

But then, I thought of something even better!!

I am going to share the recorded classes now with you. So it is like you were around for the first time! And, even better, I am going to give it to you for that same 80% off price.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business and turning your photography passion into a profitable business, the time is now. This is what you need to kick start your dream and make it a reality!

Oh, how I wish I had this years ago when I started my business.

So, enroll now!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?!





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