My (Not So Secret) Secret Weapon… Photo Mechanic

May 20, 2019


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Are you a a photographer? If so, you need this.

How many images do you take a session? Or at a wedding? Well.. after you take them and download them, you have to go through them.

Does it take you FOREVER to narrow them down and cull them before you even start editing? And y’all know I hate editing.. that why I do this.

Well, it used to take me forever. I would go through alllllll the images and watch them slowly load and delete duplicates, mess ups, blinking pictures, test shots and everything I wasn’t going to edit. What felt like days, week, months later.. I would finally start editing!

Queue the frustration.

I hated spending all my time behind a computer! Spend an hour shooting then spend the next 5+ hours behind my computer downloading, culling, editing, exporting, loading and delivering…NO THANK YOU! Well, not anymore.

I can cull through an entire shoot in minutes flat. Yes, minutes. And a wedding.. pshh, an hour, maybe!

That is all thanks to my (not so secret) secret weapon, Photo Mechanic.

Photo Mechanic has not sponsored me or endorsed this in any way. In fact, they don’t even know about this blog post! (Maybe I should tell them?!). I truly just LOVE this program and want it to help you spend more time behind your camera and living your life and less time behind your computer screen.

Photo mechanic helps me to cull images quickly, save the ones I want and start editing without any wait time. It is fast, efficient and has helped my workflow (and quality of life) so much! So, this is my tip to you photographer.. get it.

Go get Photo Mechanic. It is a one time purchase that will speed up your process so much! Plus, they offer a FREE thirty day trial. So at least try it out and give it a chance to change your life!

And if you want to learn more about my workflow and how I do things, check out my full photography course.

What other photography struggles do you have? I want to help! Tell me about them and keep an eye out for future blog posts.