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My First Wedding!

Jan 23, 2016

I’m not sure who was more nervous. It was either the groom, waiting patiently to see his stunning bride from behind a bouquet of balloons during their first look. Or it was me, photographing my first wedding.

I was so thrilled when  Monique Hessler Weddings asked me to come and assist her at this gorgeous golf course wedding. The Foothills Golf Course had the perfect mountain view on this clear Arizona day. I may have been nervous, but as soon as Ashley and Manny saw each other, my nerves completely dissolved. Seeing their love for each other and their excitement for their big day was so beautiful to witness.

And now, here we are almost a year later and look where it has taken me. From tagging along at my first wedding to being absolutely wedding photography obsessed! It has been such an adventure already and I am so thankful that this was the wedding to start it all!

Tutus and ‘Ring Security’ shirts for the win!





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