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Meet The Team : Dog Edition

Apr 2, 2018

So just last month I shared some things you may not know about me! It was my way of celebrating turning 27 and sharing some fun facts with all of you. Now, time to get to know the dogs.

What I didn’t realize when I made that post is how many of you didn’t know about my ‘full house’ living situation. John and I live with my sister and her husband. They also have a baby (#MissEMartin) and two dogs. And yes, we have a dog too. That means in our home we have 4 adults, 1 baby and 3 dogs. It is a lot but it is wonderful! Yes, we will probably all love having more space one day. But for now, this works so well for us all.

Well, here I am today to give you all the inside scoop on the dogs. They aren’t a part of “my team” per say, but they kind of are. My office during the week is at home! That means, my co workers are these furry ones. Mostly #OsoTheBearPup, he likes to lay under my feet whenever I am at my desk.

So, today I am going to share a bit about each of the three dogs. How we came about bringing them into our home and my favorite (or least favorite) things about them!

Let’s start with the oldest. Jax.

  • Jax is a jack russell / chihuahua mix. You would think that means he is crazy energetic, right? WRONG! He is the laziest. If he could stay in bed all day, he would. He is also the most particular. He is like a human with the things he does and he honestly believes he runs this house.
  • Jax was an ‘only child’ for a while. When I first moved in, before John and I were even dating, Jax would cuddle with me every morning. I have a lot of selfies with this sleeping dog and now they finally are getting shared.
  • Nicknames include : Shaxy Waxy, Wawa, Chi-chi-wa-wa, Lil Sh*t.

Next, our little lady. Pepper.

  • Pepper is a therapy dog through and through! She is so emotional and just wants to comfort and love everyone. If you are upset, yelling or there is any tension, she comes running to the rescue. We believe she is an Australian Shepard/ Cattle dog mix.
  • The only thing with that is she doesn’t realize how big she is. She is incredibly athletic and a natural herder. So when she wants to cuddle you, she can easily take you down and crush you. She is such a love bug though.
  • Nicknames include : Piggy, Piggy P, Peppy Girl and Nana Dog.

Lastly, our little guy. Oso.

  • I have shared about Oso on here before when he turned one! John and I got him and he is the weirdest of the bunch. He rarely barks but he has the loudest puppy dreams and groans when he stretches. He is scared of almost everyone then becomes their best friend and has no personal boundaries. We were told he is a German Shepard / Border Collie mix! But he looks like a little bear (hence the name) and coyote.
  • He also has caused the most mischief. Digging holes in the backyard, eating shoes, tearing up base boards.. you name it! Thankfully, he has gotten much better about that. And though his floppy ear is getting stronger, it is still adorable.
  • Nicknames include : Soso, sosobear, bear pup, dirtbag and swamp donkey.


All three of our dogs are rescue dogs and were adopted through the Arizona Animal Welfare League! And even though our house is always covered with a thin (sometimes thick) layer of dog hair, we love it. These three have such personalities and make our family as perfect as it can be!

I don’t know how I never had dogs growing up! They’re the best!





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