June Q & A

Jun 24, 2019


Whether you are engaged and planning your dream wedding, or looking for some business help, I am happy you are here!!





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So on the last Monday of the month, you’ll want to check out my blog. I will always be posting a Q&A. Here is last months!

You can submit your questions through my site or on instagram! And there is no topic off limits. I have an on-going list of the questions that get submitted and each month I will answer three of them. I will try my best to keep one question photography related, one wedding/bride related and one business related. But, of course, they may over lap from time to time.

So this month, here are the three questions I am answering..

  • What is your ‘go to’ 50 mm lens?
  • Do you have a mentor? What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from them?
  • How do you “turn it off” when small business owners seem to always be working?

50 mm here is my fifty mm!

See you next month!