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International Travel Tips and Tricks

Sep 3, 2018

When it comes to traveling, it helps to know a few tricks.

I have had the opportunity to travel to lots of places out of the country! From Paris, France to my recent trip to Mexico and many trips to my old home in Tokyo, Japan.

With these opportunities has come a lot of learning. Some trial and error and getting to the place I am now, where I love traveling and don’t feel stressed!

Honestly, traveling internationally doesn’t really stress me out at all!

But that is because I have a few tips and tricks of things I do every time I travel internationally. Want to know them? Well, good thing you’re here!

  • Put a copy of your important documents in every single bag! Checked or on you!
    • For real! Do a photo copy of your passport especially and put it inside every suitcase you check, the carry on you bring and your purse! That way, no matter what happens, you have copies. This is the first thing I do when I am packing for an international trip!
  • Keep 2 days of suppliesĀ  in your carry on.
    • I have shared what I pack in my carry on bags before but this is essential. If you check your bags and they get lost, it can take a lot longer and be a lot harder to get them back. So, even if you have to go buy some essential items, two days of things should get you by. I always make sure to have underwear, must have toiletries and all important documents in my carry on. This trick has saved me on more than one occasion.
  • If you travel a lot then get the global entry card.
    • I love my global entry card!! It was a little bit of a process to get it. Applications, interviews and fingerprints but it has been so SO worth it. When I come back to the stated from an international trip, it makes going through customs 10x faster. It has paid for itself by saving me so much time! If you are doing multiple international trips then I would highly suggest looking at getting this card.

There are plenty of other things I can think of that would be helpful but these three things are my necessities for international travel.

So, now I have to plan where to go next!






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