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Hair Care & Product!

Apr 16, 2018

Alright ya’ll ,let’s talk hair. Hair care, hair products and all things hair! First and foremost, I am the opposite of an expert. But, I do get comments on my hair and questions all the time! So today I am sharing what salon and stylist I go to, what products I use and how I maintain healthy and colorful hair!

So, let’s start with where I go. I am a faithful visitor of Parlour OneĀ in Gilbert, Arizona! They have so many talented stylists that work there. I see the amazing Becky, you can follow her here! I’m not sure if she is currently taking new clients but either get on her wait list or see when she is traveling to you! (Yes, she travels a lot to teach other stylists!). There is nowhere else I’d go now that I have spent the last few years seeing her!

Products I use. Let’s see! Well, my hair color (which people always ask about) is something that is only sold to professionals. But hey, they have it at my salon, so just go there! It is from a company called Pulp Riot! I had purple hair a few years ago and it faded so fast! I was touching it up all the time and it was always turning blueish-grey and washing out so quickly. Well, not with Pulp Riot.

It has lasted SO long! I originally went purple this time around back at the end of September. I thought I would be keeping it just through the end of the year and by January, I’d go dark again. Well, here we are at the end of March and there is no sign of the purple going anywhere. I have gotten it touched up but the color lasts so much longer! It is really quality stuff! My color is Velvet Eggplant!

I also use a purple, no-yellow, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner! There are lots of great ones out there and I have used a few and am always trying out new ones. Here is the one I am currently using.

There aren’t a lot of products I use besides that! When I am feeling wild and actually style my hair, I use Oribe texturizing spray. It smells amazing and I loveee it.

My sister got this curling iron for me a few years ago. It is the best curling iron I have ever had and I use it every time I style my hair. When it is long, when I chopped it off. For tighter curls or loose waves! It has lasted years and shows no sign of slowing down.

So there you have it! My hair care routine! Oh, and I have grey pillowcases and have to blow dry my hair (something I never used to do) if I don’t want them stained completely purple!

Purple Hair, Don’t Care.





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