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The Groom Attire

Sep 11, 2020

Let’s give the grooms some time to shine and chat about groom attire.

Different things to consider when picking out what your dashing groom will wear when you say “I Do!”

Sure, a suit may not be as exciting as a wedding gown but that doesn’t mean it is boring. Not at all! There are plenty of little details to think of when customizing your wedding day look. And, I have plenty of inspiration pictures for you too!

  • Color
    • Black : A classic black suit! You can’t go wrong. It’ll work in any season, with any wedding party outfit and is timeless. Plus, you can still customize a lot of the suit/tux and add other areas of color if you want to.
    • Grey : With a grey suit, there is light, medium or dark that you can usually chose from. I think that a grey suit is great for the groom who still wants classic wedding attire but to add in a little more style to the day.
    • Blue : Blue suits can be dark navy and subtle or bright and bold. Either way, there is no bad way to wear a blue suit!!

Once you have the suit/tux color picked out, that is when you should start customizing. Think about wearing just the jacket and pants or if you want to add in a vest to the look too! Now, let’s pick out some details.. first up, the tie!

  • Tie
    • Classic : A classic tie is just that, classic. Sleek and timeless! Whether it is a black tie, a color to match the wedding pattern outfits or another complimentary color.
    • Bowtie : Now, bowties have become more and more popular in the last few years! I would say almost half of grooms wear them!
    • Patterned : Look through the groom attire inspiration photos below and notice that there are a couple of really great floral, patterned ties. Classic and bowtie! So, if you want to get wild with your tie.. do it!
  • Accessories
    • Shirt : Most grooms wear a white dress shirt, that isn’t always the case though! Notice the groom below in an all black look below, including his shirt.
    • Boutonniere : Sometimes all the men in the wedding party and family wear boutonnieres, sometimes only the groom, sometimes nobody! There is no rule about this. Have you seen my post all about traditions and the do’s and don’t’s? Well, this is one of those things you get to pick for yourself and what you like!
    • Other : Whether it is cufflinks, a tie clip, fancy new watch, a matching pocket square or the color of shoes and belt. There are a lot of other things to think of! Plus, as you will see below, some guys change up the color of their vest versus their jacket. And some have jackets with a different collar (yes, you can get black AND grey suits!)
    • One last thing, I have had multiple grooms wear their military or service uniforms in their weddings too!

What it comes down to is this. The groom is in just as many photos as the bride but there is usually less time worrying about the groom attire than the brides gown. So, change that up! Spend time going through all the options and making sure the groom looks sharp and stylish.

Did you find the Spiderman pin or embroidered sleeve? See, you can make it all custom to you!

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