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Goals for 2019!

Jan 2, 2019

It’s that time of year! The end of a chapter and beginning of a new year.

To ring in 2019, I wanted to do something special. Soon I will share a review of some of the amazing highlights that 2018 brought me. The weddings I photographed, clients who became friends and all the beautiful things I was able to professionally be apart of. But for now, let’s set some intention for this upcoming year.

This year I want to be intentional about my goals and what I am pursuing professionally. And I think the best way to hold myself accountable for those goals is to share them here! So, here are three of the biggest goals I have for 2019!

  • Book an international wedding!
    • That’s right. I’m putting it out there! Now, the wedding itself may not take place in 2019 (especially because my availability is very limited) but I would absolutely love to have the chance to work with a couple on an international destination wedding.
  • Publish my Photography Course online!
    • You may know about my Photography Course. It has been hosted in person many times and even sold out in the past. But I have been working long and hard to re-do all the content and make this an online course. That way people can take it whenever they want, at their own speed and continuously go back to review.
    • The course is now open, if you want to learn more then check it out here!
  • Consistently Blog & Share!
    • My blog has always been a priority to share beautiful images from the weddings and engagements I capture. To share personal events and information and to be a resource for information for other photographers and entrepreneurs. However, I haven’t given it the top priority in a while. I actually haven’t blogged hardly at all the last few months. So, I have planned out my content as much as I can and will make sure to consistently share! As well as on Facebook, Pinterest and (my fav!) instagram.

What’re some of the main goals you have to make 2019 the best year yet!?

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Cheers to the new year!





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