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Gilbert Engagement Session.. kind of

Feb 21, 2020

If you’re a regular here around the blog then you know what Friday’s consist of. Weddings and engagements I photographed! But this Gilbert engagement session is a little different.

They’re already married.

So it is more of a sweetheart session!

Let me explain! I know Phoebe through a mutual friend. We met at the bridal shower of my lovely friend and past bride, Taylar. Who’s wedding was a dream!

Well, a few months ago I was doing some prep work for my online posing course. Within that course, students get to watch me photograph four mini sessions. Completely behind the scenes videos to watch how I work with clients and pose them! Well, when I needed a couple who I hadn’t photographed before to model for an engagement session, my mind immediately went to Phoebe and Brett.

They are so fun, beautiful and I have been dying to photograph them!

So, while this isn’t a traditional engagement session, I still had to share. Their “Gilbert engagement session” was too pretty not to!

And, these are just the highlights. There are more images not shared here.. and the crazy part? We did this shoot in under 10 minutes. That’s right! I was showing in my posing course how I make little changes and get variety and variation in a short amount of time without being rushed and chaotic! As a matter of fact, I teach my entire posing process and system.

So, enjoy this sweetheart session..

I have got to ask her where she got those boots. UH! Love.





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