Garden Grove Engagement

Apr 12, 2019


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When Kate and Zach were chatting with my teammates at MHW, they had an idea for their engagements. They wanted green!

Grass, trees, leaves! All the greenery! However, sometimes in Arizona that can be hard to find. Thankfully, we knew just the spot. A beautiful park with a little garden grove area. There are grapefruits growing, a white picket fence and grass all around. It is a little oasis in the desert.

And even better, they lived right down the street and had no idea it was there!

So this garden grove engagement session not only gave them beautiful photographs but it also gave them a new local spot to enjoy. Picnics, walks in the park, there are plenty of reasons to go back to this spot.

So while I do love desert portrait locations (like this!), sometimes going to a green grove can be even better. Enjoy!
Oh, AZ.  I’ll always love ya.