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Five Year (and some change) Anniversary

May 8, 2020

Now, if you have been around my blog for a long time then you have seen the sappy, lovey dovey posts about John.

From our one year anniversary to his birthday and (my fav), the time I got him to do a portrait session in NYC for our three year anniversary. Well, he isn’t one to get sentimental online like I am, but he is one to do things that make me happy. And, while he doesn’t love being in front of the camera, he knows how important photos are to me.

So, for our five year anniversary, we got in front of the camera! My amazing friend/mentor Monique, owner of Monique Hessler Weddings, captured this perfect mini session for us and I couldn’t be happier.

Our actual five year marker was back in November 2019 and we didn’t take these until early March 2020 (before the world paused). I guess that makes these our five year and some change photos. But, it still counts.

Gosh, I love this man.





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