Desert Winter Wonderland Wedding

Sep 6, 2019


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A desert winter wonderland kind of sounds like it can’t be real, right?


Briana and Zach made their big day an complete desert winter wonderland wedding and it was absolutely stunning. I met this beautiful couple after photographing their engagement session and was thrilled for their wedding day.

Not only was their day perfectly themed and beautiful but it actually felt like winter. That’s right! Here in Arizona, it got cold. It is hard to think of that now, when it is sweltering hot. But on this winter day it was cold, windy and definitely felt like winter.

You wouldn’t even know though! They were such champs with braving the chilly weather! I swear, with Monique Hessler Weddings, we really do have the best couples. Oh, thank you desert… your winter really is a wonderland.




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