Desert Style Engagement Session

Mar 8, 2019


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Not too long ago I shared a post similar to this. How was it similar? RAIN IN THE DESERT!

Another one of my MHW couples was risking the rain and it turned out beautifully. See it right here. Then, this session with Kaitlyn & Mike.

They came into Arizona from San Diego to get a true desert style engagement session. Well, it was during monsoon season.

So we met up at their shoot location and began. Things were going great. They looked beautiful and had wonderful chemistry in front of the camera. We all got to know each other and were laughing and having fun when we saw the giant dusty clouds roll in. A full on haboob! And yes, a haboob is a real thing.

So we hustled back to out cars and waited. They changed into their second outfit.. we continued to wait.

We text each other back and forth from our cars, since we could hardly see out the windows.. and we continued to wait.

Eventually, the haboob passed and we were in just a little rain drizzle. So we decided to go for it and finish out the shoot! Well, the cloudy skies proved to be perfect for this day! We got so many amazing photos and had an even better time during the second part of this shoot.

They got the full desert style engagement session and taste of Arizona. That’s for sure!  You’d never know how rainy it truly was!